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7/29/22 | Mabrico Holdings, LLC have issued a Non-Commercial Use License to Palmetto Medical Air System & AUS for Use of Brittany N Sparks. However this simple license does not allow for commercial or Advertisement use only the Private use of her Name, Voice, Image or Likeness. All video, recordings in anyway or assets thereof taken on any property remains the sole property of Mabrico Holdings, LLC and must be surrendered if asked and at the termination of the License.
Kiara Harris, esq.
5/22/22 | From the Office of Kiara Harris, esq A message made on behalf of Matthew and Brittany and Matthew’s Mother Rachel Sparks.Matthew and Brittany are deeply saddened to announce the passing of Matthew’s Grandfather and a pillar of the Sparks Family James H Sparks.James was not just a grandfather to Matthew but a father figure to Matthew.When Brittany came into the family James embraced Brittany into it saying “You are definitely a blessing and a light into this family” Matthew and Brittany ask for Privacy at this time.All pre-scheduled content or posts will be made as set out.
4/23/22 | From the Office of Kiara Harris, esq. The Personal Attorney for Matthew L Sparks and Dr. Brittany N Sparks d.f.a
I have been made aware of some sort of ongoing dispute within the extended family of the Sparks with individuals trying to bring my clients into it. This will not happen. My clients have no knowledge of this dispute and have no interest and or the time to be involved. This acts as a harassment cease and desist notice to all individuals involved. Under South Carolina Code SC Code § 16-3-1700 (B)
If this continues, I will, within my legal authority, press charges under these and other codes of law.
With my advisement, all private social media and other profiles that have tried contacting my clients have been blocked from contacting my clients. If this notice is disregarded and more contact is made legal action will be taken.Attorney Kiara Harris, esq.

2/24/22 | Statement from Dr. Brittany N Sparks on the Ukraine Conflict
As a descendent of Ukraine from my mother and a human being against the brutality and unjust from war mongering individuals, I stand in unity and solidarity with the people of the Ukraine. Dr. Brittany N Sparks d.f.a.

1/2/22 | Statement from Dr. Brittany N Sparks on her and Matthew’s ninth wedding anniversary.On this day nine years ago, me and my beloved Matthew were joined together in a small ceremony in the early morning hours of what then was a cold January morning. I was nervous but of the thrilled kind. I was ready for the journey I was about to partake in and be the partner and spouse I knew I could be. Matthew is more than my husband. He is my partner, which to me means so much, more for in a marriage you are held together by a legal paper, but in a partnership you choose to be, together not by anyone or anything else’s decision. Matthew is my strength, stronghold and I his and within each other’s bound we stand together and continue to do so against the odds of many. I am proud to be his partner, spouse, and do my best to be the matriarch as I rightfully can be. Dr. Brittany N Sparks